Streaming is a dynamic and inevitable way that allows one to dramatically expand the impact of an event or activity in reaching out to anyone remotely and widen the access to a global audience in a very cost-effective manner. Big screens such as televisions to small screens like mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers, the event can be streamed and displayed on multi-screen devices.

Based on the urgency the videos can either be captured and streamed LIVE or made available as an on-demand video to end users for later viewing.

a. Live Streaming :

The thrill of watching golden moments LIVE, with viewers of your choice who you wish they should be part of besides engaging with family, friends, and associates are exceptional. For dual benefits of cost savings and accessibility adding Live stream is increasingly common to Sports tournaments, Events, Concerts, when conducting meetings, collaborating on projects, corporate pieces of training, celebrations, special occasions, entertainment shows, product launches, inaugurations, some of the many areas of use.

Live Broadcast on Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites or through your website with multifold benefits of no time delay, engaging conversation with largest followers & potential audience both old and new, ability to live chat, ask and respond to questions, online poll and instant feedback in real time, thus offering a chance to amplify its reach and interact with more people as it is happening, making the content accessible to people who cannot attend, across the world.


b. On Demand Video :

Rather than having to watch a broadcast at a specific time, a content can alternatively also be a pre-recorded video that can be shot, edited (post produced) and published for later viewing. This form allows any website visitor to watch and review the videos again and again if they were unable to view the stream while it was LIVE.


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